Automotive Intelligent Networks and Connectivity Conference

Learn about the latest developments in on-board and off-board vehicle communication networks


Automation and electrification are both major trends converging to create the next generation automotive experience. Whether automated or electrified, private or shared, the vehicles of the future will be connected.

At our Automotive Intelligent networks and Connectivity Conference 2019, May 27-May 29 in Berlin, IQPC will provide you the chance to meet experts and exchange with like minded peers information, with case studies focusing on trends plus new technologies and presentations followed by discussions and interactive sessions.

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Expert Speakers Include

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2019 Focus:

Interactive Sessions

Hear what industry insiders have to say about the ongoing debate on DSRC vs. 5GLTE

Real Situation Analysis

Listen to case studies about OEMs and MNOs collaborating to usher in IoT (Internet-of-things) for automotive

ISO Technical Committee

    Delve into edge computing strategies for reducing automotive data centers and energy footprint in preparation for ITS (intelligent transport systems)

Reduce Costs and Improve Quality

Explore connectivity strategies from around the globe that will empower the next generations of vehicle automation

Networking Opportunities

Discover how the industry is addressing cyber-security and data privacy protection for increasingly connected vehicles